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Edison Group can help you plan the roadmap for your product development

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Sales Enablement tools are a great way to get your numbers going in the right direction

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Edison Group’s Advisory Service tells you where you are winning and how to keep winning

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Edison can validate your decision before you buy

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Target Audiences to Drive Sales

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Latest White Papers

Advantages and Efficiencies of Oracle SPARC S7 Server…

This whitepaper explores the new SPARC S7 server features and then compares this offering to a similar x86 offering. The key characteristics of the SPARC S7 to be highlighted are: Designed for...

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EMC VCE VxRail Appliance Cost & Maintenance Advantages

While there are significant potential benefits when an organization migrates to a hyper-converged system, true cost and real life experience are critical to the decision making process. In order to...

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Oracle Software in Silcon

Executive Summary A key challenge for enterprise IT is maintaining high performance, while meeting increasingly stringent requirements for security and reliability. In addition, budget constraints, and a seemingly endless sprawl of...

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• E​​nhance your competitive presence in your marketplace
• Effectively communicate complex products/services so they resonate with intended audiences
• Collaborate with your social media team to amplify your messaging efforts, increasing marketing ROI​